Burial Practices in Early Medieval Northern Europe

Today we are going to talk about something that my archaeology friends find fascinating, and most other humanist consider as particularly gross – the dead. Death is a key moment in anyones existence – dare I say The Most Crucial? But it can be quite a nasty and blunt topic to discuss. Nevertheless, in the … More Burial Practices in Early Medieval Northern Europe

Icons of Danish Heritage (pt.2) – Trelleborg

This is the continuation of https://wuhstry.wordpress.com/2015/12/07/icons-of-danish-heritage-pt-1-kronborg-castle/ . As you may remember, October 2015 was the time when I went off to Denmark and consumed history and culture with every meal of the day – quite literally. So, today we are off to pretty much the other side of Zealand. We leave lovely Copenhagen, to take … More Icons of Danish Heritage (pt.2) – Trelleborg

Viking Raiding in Iron Maiden’s ‘Invaders’!

For music month I decided to go with a song about Vikings, which isn’t very surprising. This is another one from Iron maiden after Ellie’s look at ‘Aces High’, which you should also check out here!: https://wuhstry.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/iron-maiden-in-world-war-two-with-aces-high/ ‘Invaders’ is the opening track on Iron Maiden’s third studio album ‘The Number of the Beast’, released in … More Viking Raiding in Iron Maiden’s ‘Invaders’!