The British Museum – through the Lens of a Camera pt. 3

Finally, my last batch of pictures taken at the British Museum on the 31st August 2015. These do not only follow some of these themes I have previously captured in the other images, but you may notice they insist on a topic I have been quite fond of as of late: the pre-Columbian cultures. As … More The British Museum – through the Lens of a Camera pt. 3

Cantona – Ancient Ghost Town (Updated 4/10/2018)

The site of Cantona in the modern state of Puebla (Mexico) is one of those golden and mysterious archaeological finds that the experts are still trying to figure out. One of the main mysteries about this place is who actually occupied or originally settled in this ancient city. The experts suggest this could have been … More Cantona – Ancient Ghost Town (Updated 4/10/2018)

Pre-columbian Art

Pre-Columbian civilizations have always fascinated me. Today I will combined this with one of my historical obsessions: art! Now, there is something very special about these artistic representations. For pre-Columbian civilizations, art was a wide-spread way of communicating and recording events. Certainly, this applies to many cultures around the world, however we have to remember … More Pre-columbian Art

The Living Traditions of the Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos, the date of the Mexican calendar where deceased relatives lives are celebrated in a positive light, has been marked in one form or another since the Aztec civilisation. Spanish conquistadors discovered the indigenous people almost mocking death, as they had for almost 3,000 years, and yet the invaders could not suppress … More The Living Traditions of the Day of the Dead