Interview with Dr. Christina Welch (2/3)

In this interview feature we will be looking at Cultural Appropriation, artefacts in museums, religion, witchcraft and gender (with a particular focus on the elderly). This post follows from the previous post about Dr. Welch’s research and teaching. This is a part two (2) of three (3) interview with Dr. Christina Welch. Gentle reminder that … More Interview with Dr. Christina Welch (2/3)

The First World War at Bayonne and the Basque Country

As it happens for my mother’s birthday we went to the French Basque Country and visit Bayonne. There, they had a temporary exhibition called “La grande guerre, Bayonne et le pays Basques”- at the Musee Basque. So as we were there, it was pretty unique and our WW1 posts are ongoing, armed with this new … More The First World War at Bayonne and the Basque Country

An object of cultural significance

Some objects achieve an exceptional status as cultural and historical landmarks both in an international, national and local context. Some of these achieve such a status that tourists cannot visit their homeland without trying to visit the artifacts. Different countries have different types of artifacts that have become their cultural landmark, for China it is … More An object of cultural significance

On Medieval Clocks

There is a simple, everyday device which influences much of our lives and our time. We take it for granted, and perhaps don’t even pause to consider or realise how much many of the events of out day may be based around it. It sits on many a wall, innocuous, perhaps even largely unnoticed, except … More On Medieval Clocks

The History of Cameras

The history of the camera is extensive, technical and, at times, obscure; for example there is no one particular person credited with the invention of the camera, it was more of a continual process of progress throughout history. Nevertheless notable names include Johann Heinrich Schulze, Joseph Niépce, Louis-Jacques Mandé Daguerre and George Eastman. The camera … More The History of Cameras