Unrestricted Submarine Warfare and Famous Sinking’s in WW1

As historian Ben-Yehuda states 1915 was the year in which the concept of unrestricted submarine warfare was first applied. Despite it not being a formal policy until two years later the shift towards this type of warfare was to have a profound effect on World War One and beyond. On the 18th February 1915 Germany … More Unrestricted Submarine Warfare and Famous Sinking’s in WW1

Review: ‘Hitler’s Rise: The Colour Films’

This September, a series was broadcast on Channel 4 entitled ‘Hitler’s Rise: The Colour Films’. Unlike any previous series or documentary following the rise of Hitler throughout history, this series uses digitally enhanced colour footage and photographs to document Hitler’s life and surroundings from as early as World War I. The result is one of … More Review: ‘Hitler’s Rise: The Colour Films’

The Lebensreform

“The Lebensreform movement had offshoots in the vegetarian, clothing reform and anti-alcohol movements which demanded a transformation of lifestyle with rejection of unbridled consumerism and commercialism”[1] stated P. Weindling in 1989. Many might be thinking what is all this issue about the Lebensreform and why it is significant. The truth is that this particular subject … More The Lebensreform