Egypt’s Pyramid Competitor- The Kush(y) Nubian Pyramids

In joining the designated theme of pre-modern non-European civilizations and the informal trend concerning pyramids which seems to have enveloped the blog, we must look no further than Sudan. A subject at first interesting for its similarities to its more infamous neighbor’s architectural style. On closer inspection and with the help of this post’s inspiration, … More Egypt’s Pyramid Competitor- The Kush(y) Nubian Pyramids

Incest and Royalty: The Reasons and the Effects

Jokes about inbreeding and incest are common in discussions about royalty, for non-historians such jokes can actually be some of the basis of their knowledge about royalty. However why royalty decided to choose incestuous unions and what the effects of such unions are less considered. This is despite incest and inbreeding being apparent across the … More Incest and Royalty: The Reasons and the Effects


At WU History it is time for out of your comfort zone! So far I have predominately looked at the eighteenth century and the twentieth century with a particular focus on cultural history. This January post would contain a biography of the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria, Saladin. Saladin was the first Sultan of … More Saladin

From Bronze To Iron

The Iron Age is conventionally defined by the widespread use of Iron tools and weapons, alongside or replacing bronze ones. The transition happened at different times in different parts of the world as the technology spread. Mesopotamia was fully into the Iron Age by 900 BC. Although Egypt produced iron artifacts, bronze remained dominant there … More From Bronze To Iron

Early Egyptian Burials

The Predynastic Period is Egypt’s equivalent to the Neolithic period in Middle East. The period began around 6000 BC and it also includes the Protodynastic period. It was defined well before archaeological excavations took place. This period is divided into cultural periods and was given names after the place the settlements were found; most of … More Early Egyptian Burials