The Korean War

With the Korean Peninsula being ever present in current media I feel it is necessary to understand some background of both North and South Korea. The Korean War is perhaps the greatest level of tension the world has experienced since World War II. As Malkasian argues it was the closest the world has ever been … More The Korean War

The Bronze Age: Homer

Bronze age, Homer, Mycenaean Civilisation. Do we learn anything from the Epic poetry that has held modern Western Civilisation since it was first sung? It is widely understood that the epics of Homer were composed in the late Bronze age. A feudal society ruled by a King in each region supported by an aristocracy shown historically … More The Bronze Age: Homer

The 100 Year Anniversary of The 1917 Russian Revolution

This year marks the 100-year mark of the October Revolution in Russia, a revolution which changed the course of history in Russia. It is arguably one of the most explosive and important political events in Russian history. This revolution marked the end of centuries of Russian imperial rule. During the Russian Revolution, Lenin led the … More The 100 Year Anniversary of The 1917 Russian Revolution