At WU History it is time for out of your comfort zone! So far I have predominately looked at the eighteenth century and the twentieth century with a particular focus on cultural history. This January post would contain a biography of the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria, Saladin. Saladin was the first Sultan of … More Saladin

Mother of the Angevins

As the most romanticized queen within the entwined English/French histories; none were as complex and unconventional as the Duchess of Aquitaine and queen to Henry II of England. Eleanor of Aquitaine lived from c.1122 to 1204 through a particularly turbulent dynastic era with both the well-established Capetian French, and newly born Plantagenet English monarchies, struggling … More Mother of the Angevins

A brief look at the early stages of Dunamase Castle, Ireland

As part of the tag challenge month I am going to briefly investigate the two themes of Ireland and Castles and Fortifications. Castles were, for the most part, military structures that were constructed in areas along frontiers to stop enemies from moving through their owners land. They could also be used aggressively both as a … More A brief look at the early stages of Dunamase Castle, Ireland

The Determined Duchess

Despite historians knowing little about the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine, or at least not much of her true character, she is still a much debated figure amongst historians and historical novelists. A powerful woman of her time who achieved many things that the majority of her female counterparts could not, such as visiting the … More The Determined Duchess