Peasants on Crusade

When we think about the Crusades, our normal thought is of armoured Christian knights fighting on horseback against the Muslim Turks. It is often forgotten that there were masses of ordinary people, including women and children, who went on these journeys and fought alongside the soldiers and upper classes. In the First Crusade, the military … More Peasants on Crusade

How did the Crusaders ever make it to the Holy Land?

The Crusades are arguably known for their brutality and violence during the middle ages, however this violence is usually pictured during the horrendous battles and sieges. Whereas, the Crusaders actually faced many of their difficulties whilst travelling to Jerusalem, whether they travelling to the Holy Land by foot or by ship. These issues included controlling … More How did the Crusaders ever make it to the Holy Land?

Burial Practices in Early Medieval Northern Europe

Today we are going to talk about something that my archaeology friends find fascinating, and most other humanist consider as particularly gross – the dead. Death is a key moment in anyones existence – dare I say The Most Crucial? But it can be quite a nasty and blunt topic to discuss. Nevertheless, in the … More Burial Practices in Early Medieval Northern Europe

The Creation of the Anglo-Norman Church

Carrying on with my talks on church reform, we will have a quick look at the case of the Anglo-Norman church following the conquest of 1066. Pre-conquest England had a relatively coherent religious agenda and structure, founded on the Regularis Concordia and an active cult of saints. The Anglo-Saxon monasteries were prosperous thanks to the … More The Creation of the Anglo-Norman Church

Scandal in Winchester

This months’ theme is Local History and seeing as I will be staying in and around Winchester for the foreseeable future I thought I would delve into the depths of Winchester’s rich history. After sifting through many different types of events I decided to write a little overview on the scandalous history if this city. … More Scandal in Winchester

The Schism of 1054

Due to the reading I have been doing recently I wanted to write something about the schism of the church in 1054. The schism has been widely written about over the past several decades, but I find it still interesting to research. First, some basic facts about the period. In 1054 there were several major … More The Schism of 1054