Sargon and Enheduana – A Powerful Akkadian Family

In a 1931 archaeological dig in Nineveh, in Northern Mesopotamia, a life-sized copper head was found by Reginald Thompson and Max Mallowan. This head signalled a change from the usual hieratic sculpture style that denoted the Sumerians. It was also noted that this head did not show any of the usual signs of divinity, despite … More Sargon and Enheduana – A Powerful Akkadian Family

Scandal in Winchester

This months’ theme is Local History and seeing as I will be staying in and around Winchester for the foreseeable future I thought I would delve into the depths of Winchester’s rich history. After sifting through many different types of events I decided to write a little overview on the scandalous history if this city. … More Scandal in Winchester

The Schism of 1054

Due to the reading I have been doing recently I wanted to write something about the schism of the church in 1054. The schism has been widely written about over the past several decades, but I find it still interesting to research. First, some basic facts about the period. In 1054 there were several major … More The Schism of 1054