How did physicians explain the Black Death?

The Black Death was a new and terrifying epidemic, which raced through several continents without any known cause. By looking at first hand accounts of the Black Death in Europe, as well as modern day perspectives, is it possible to tell whether the immediate responses to the disease can provide an explanation about the medical understanding of … More How did physicians explain the Black Death?

Gaudi’s Masterpiece

As a medieval historian, there is very little about modern history that really captivates and intrigues me. However, a recent trip to Barcelona left me completely breath-taken after witnessing the famous Sagrada Familia. Its architecture is incredible, and doesn’t look as if it belongs to any particular era. The style almost makes the building seem naturally occurring, rather than man-made. What surprised me the most however, is the fact that construction began in the 19th century, and it remains unfinished to this day. This led me to look into the history on this incredible building, as well as further research into what makes La Sagrada Familia so spectacular. … More Gaudi’s Masterpiece

Was the Devil important to early modern England?

Was Hell that prominent during early modern England? The supernatural was a subject which was wholly believed during the medieval and early modern period. God and Religion would be the people’s savior from Satan and his many demons. The modern perception of this belief would suggest that late medieval to early modern England was a … More Was the Devil important to early modern England?