Medieval Childhood

This blog post will be a summary so far of a module I have been studying in my third year at Winchester University. Medieval childhood is described by the historian Gregory Bailey as largely a hidden topic but crucial in understanding what people considered to be the life cycle in this period. Its culture comes … More Medieval Childhood

Tudor Confectionery

Human’s attachment to sugar began several thousand years ago, exact date unknown, with the growth of the sugar cane plant, and with steady cultivation across Asia meant it was one of the most valued and rich export from the Asian world to Europe. Sugar itself was incredibly expensive up until the year 1500 when sugar … More Tudor Confectionery

Palaeontology History

The nineteenth century is usually an era I avoid like the plague, but a general interest in archaeology led me to writing this post. Away from industrialisation, work houses, Queen Victoria and Napoleon, small but significant discoveries were gaining momentum. Palaeontology, the study of fossils and essentially dinosaurs, picked up alongside vast medical studies in … More Palaeontology History

Child Migration

Once again I am foraging into the world of modern history for ‘out-of-comfort-zone’ month, and I have chosen to look into the actions and movements of child migration in the middle of the twentieth century. I originally had a different idea for this post but watching series four of Call the Midwife last night, the … More Child Migration