About Us

Our blog is dedicated entirely to History. History for the sake of history, for the sake of knowledge and sharing that knowledge, but also for our own sake and, (why not), the fun. Enjoying History while writing, reading, learning it…It’s something we have present and everyone should.

We, as history students (and not forgetting other collaborators) from the University of Winchester, will write about our interests in history with total freedom, but also about what is history, why do we study it, and the importance of history and us historians (or potential historians) for mankind and the world. Everyone is welcome to read and comment here. It doesn’t matter if you are a historian, a history fan, or just someone with curiosity, you are all welcome.


Now here are some short introductions from the current W.U Hstry Team!

Lillian C.G: I am Lilly and I came up with the idea of a history blog in 2010. I really wanted to write about history, but about what I liked or what we didn’t cover in class. So I gathered some fellow students and started this little project. I am technically a cultural historian, with a focus on the Viking Age, and art! But I like knowing bits and pieces from all over history and the world, so often you will find me blogging about whatever I can think of – more often than not cool stuff that has nothing to do with my PhD 🙂

Alex Popović: Hello readers, I’m Alex. You’ll mostly see me writing about Viking history on this blog, as Early Medieval is my favorite period. I also enjoy looking at different forms of warfare and weaponry throughout history. I’ve been told this makes me a warfare specialist, but i still write about many other things when something takes my interest 🙂

mtbell95 :Hi I’m Matt, I’m a modern historian, mainly interested in sport and music history. I enjoy the modern world because I enjoy seeing how past events have shaped the present and why things are happening the way they are.

answerellie: I am a Winchester graduate of 2016. My interests cover English and European medieval and Renaissance history covering 1100 to 1600, and my undergraduate dissertation covered King John’s Anglo-Welsh social and political alliance. I occasionally stray into the modern twentieth century but tend to focus on Medieval/Renaissance social and cultural history particularly queenship.

lauraljpotter: Hi I’m Laura, I mostly focus on social, cultural, women’s and minority history all around the world, especially Europe. I have a tendency to become obsessed with the less remembered historical figures!

Samantha: Before I joined wuhstry in 2014, I thought I knew what history I enjoyed writing about. I was always fascinated by Military History as a child, I thought that would continue well into my university studies. However since studying for my undergraduate degree in History, I have become interested in many more aspects of history. These topics include; Migration, Religion, Gender and Culture. I still like Military History but I tend to write about a variety of periods and or topics now.

Dan: I’m Dan and I prefer Classical and Medieval history but It’s all interesting. In my spare time I read a lot and I want to teach History at secondary level.

Ellie (Lavender)-I’m interested in Tudor history and I work at the Tudor House in Hampshire. I also like religious history.

Aaron Lee: “I am a single honours history student at the University of Winchester and an award-winning museum volunteer from Oxford. Despite my taste in the modern parameters of history, I am more than happy to delve into its classic, medieval and ancient realms. My interests land me with my personal assignments in the fields of 20th century action, political debacles and my local history of Oxford and her university. If you do see anything from me that deviates from this list than you know It has peaked my interest regardless!”

Gabrielle Bex: is a 3rd Year English and History undergrad. She is a regular contributor to W U Hstry, and enjoys writing about gender, museums, and the turn of the twentieth century | @GabrielleBex (please link to https://twitter.com/gabriellebex)
Jennifer Slavin: I’m Jenny and studied history and politics at undergraduate level. I enjoy writing about twentieth century history; specifically gender and Chinese history. However I will generally be interested in any type of political history as well!

Emily : I like early modern and modern history, history of marginalised groups, specifically concerning women and race. I really love reading so enjoy looking at literature as a source for certain themes and periods 🙂


We will do our best to keep the blog updated with certain frequency (at least once a week). Feel free to post, to comment, to interact and share opinions and criticisms (seriously, please) and to share our passion.

We hope you enjoy it!

<<The W.U Hstry Team>>


14 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi. 🙂

    I’m following now, but am finding it a little hard to navigate between topics. It’d be quite cool if you had a page listing all of the post titles or something, just to make it easy to pick out something to read. Just a suggestion. 😉

    I can see the ‘sections’ bit on the side bar, but it’d be nice to have a page with EVERYTHING on. 🙂


  2. Hi, thanks for your interesting blogs. But I miss one important aspect: were are the sources? Please give literature references, then your blogs will become even more valueble!


      1. Hi Lilian,

        I read the nice article with the title

        Women in Renaissance Portraiture
        Posted on 22/03/2015 by Alex Popović

        I didn’t find any literary references and I’m really inteested in it…

        Best regards,
        Mélanie Struik
        Leidschendam, the Netherlands


      2. Hi Melanie,

        Sorry for the late reply, but both of the editors of that article have been away on holiday all summer so I have only been able to get some info now.
        This was actually an article that we reviewed recently that has been “reblogged”, by our author Ellie (answerellie). I will give you more info regarding the sources in a little it when she gathers her notes.

        Thank you for your patience.


    1. Hi,

      Apologies for the late reply! I reviewed and reblogged the Women in Renaissance Art article (it was a challenge I had set the original author which is why I reviewed it) and I’ve unearthed some of my notes for this!

      I’ve used Taschen books a lot since they write on specific research for individual artists – from Jan Van Eyck, to Leonardo and all the greats in portraiture. Most of my focus is directed from a book by the National Gallery on Pisanello who painted for the d’Este house in Ferrara, he portrayed the typical image of an Italian female in the Renaissance period, his most famous piece is ‘Princess of the House of Este’ which is my favourite piece out of all. One author who is a must for Renaissance art in general is Evelyn Welch who wrote books such as ‘Art and Society in Italy 1350-1500’. You will find quite a few books that give good introductions to Renaissance art and women’s role but one in particular would be the Oxford History of Art series.

      I hope this helps and thanks for your query!


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