The Muses.

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I thought I’d do something different this time and drop by a little story about the Muses with the concept of if History no longer existed.

“Why History Miss Antiquity?”

“Please, Calliope, and why not History?” She responded, reclining in her lush blue chair, lifting her crystal glass to her pink lips and I just watched her, patiently as always, Calliope Antiquity, dramatic, eloquent and expressive.

“Why History” she says in a sing song voice “Because people live in the present. They plan and worry about the future. History, nothing ever changes, no one ever learns, however, she the study of the past. Given all the demands, living in the present and anticipating what is yet to come, why bother with what has been? When we always live in a circle, always returning back to square one. History.”

“One genocide after the other. One religious war after the other, History. History is to blame, she just enjoys spinning the wheel of fortune that causes so much grief, heartache, pain. Something had to be done. The wheel had to break.”

“And it had to be you?” I asked her and she shrugged “what about all the good she’s done? Rights for coloured people, rights for women?”

“The fact that those things needed to be fought for show how backwards she is. Rights for women.” She laughed bitterly tapping her nails harshly against the table. “Rights for women, that fight will never end, equality they claim, yet some of these women target other women for having different views.”

“Rights for coloured people, again, why do people need to ask? People are people; colour should not make a difference, why should segregation have existed in the first place, and even now, in this day and age, it’s still not over, a hundred years ago, if a black man stood before you, it would be for an auction, we called it slavery, racism, but it still exists, just, underground, discreet.”

“Given all the desirable and available branches of knowledge, why insist on History when we never learn from her? We still do the same things, just in a different way or with a different label, brushing the past under the carpet only to add more.”

“A justification is what you want from me, a confession, but I refuse. Her followers do nothing; they do not perform, improve highway design, or arrest criminals. In a society that expects all of us to serve useful purposes, the functions of History is more difficult to define than the rest of us. Yet she gets all the attention.” Calliope sneered “never mind us, the world revolves around History, History, History.”

“But History is indispensable, without her, you might not be here, she is the core, the beginning and she’ll be at the end, proving she does not die due to your attempt. Just imagine a world without her.” I thought out to her

“Without her, we might not know how we rotate and repeat our pasts as you constantly remind us, without her we might never know the civilisations before us, even with Archaeology we still need her.”

“Without her, perhaps we would never have heard of you.” I say to her, leaning in, adding “think about it, History began in your verse, in written form, she is a prose which developed into other styles, without her, we might never know the great epics of your creation, you need her to write, you are her muse just as she is yours.”

“Clio is not my muse!” she stormed

“But she is your sister. Do you hate her as much as your other sisters?” I asked her

“I do not hate her. I despise her. She ruins everything!” Calliope growled.

“You call her History rather than her name, Clio, is this simply down to sibling rivalry? She gets more attention than you, the eldest? What about Erato? Everyone loves love.”

“Love, Erato is different. She is difficult and you are wrong, not everyone loves her, some despise her, shun her.”

“So it is just Clio, History that you wish dead?”

“Yes. History means nothing to me, the others do.”

“But without her, you do realise, you might all fade away?  The memory of your own past will never be recorded for later civilisations to undercover, is forgetting you, Erato, , Euterpe and the others what you want? A world without the Muses, no History? No Poetry, Love, Music, Dance? The nine of you bind the world but you want to punish everyone due to your vendetta against your sister, just visualise that; a world without you, all of you.”

“It would be a dark world.” Calliope responded quietly, lowering her head with a deep sigh, holding her crystal gingerly “there would be no hope, no joy, and no happiness.”

The realisation in her face was satisfying, she finally understood. She was not just one unit, she bound to her sisters, with each of them playing a part, each of them needing one another.

“I’m sorry.” She cried suddenly and the door  behind me opened “Thank you Dike.” A familiar voice spoke and Calliope sprung up, raced across the room, throwing her arms around Clio who had just walked in.

“I’m sorry.” Calliope cried



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