Geek Obsession #4 – VIKINGR

You have seen Alex’s shield in full glory. You have had the crew going around the Viking lands bringing you goods. Now see Lilly share part of her loot with the rest of the viewers. Popular culture items and re-enactment pieces at the heart of a historians research – we do live in interesting times!
Now join the shield wall, embark on a journey, and feel like a Viking too!


Hi there! Today I come pretty full on. I have been taunting you about this for a while: Vikings here, Vikings there, Vikings everywhere. In my research, in my soup, on my screen…It’s about time you get to see what I am talking about. I have embrace this as part of myself, this is not a quirk, is a habit, a way of life if you may. I mean, you need to be pretty nuts about a specific subject to be willing to do a PhD about it – it is pretty demanding. So I’ll just give you a quick tour of my Viking obsession, with all my merchandise, books, weapons, jewellery and what not – you will see, I am a BIG FAN 😀

İHolita! İBueno, os aviso que hoy vengo a tope porque me han dado cuerda para pasarme de friki! Si, queridos amigos, hoy os demuestro que…

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