Chalke Valley History Festival: A Day Out

Alex and I found ourselves at the Chalke Valley History Festival last Saturday. Despite the weather it was good fun, with lots of events going on: from air shows to battle reenactments as well as all the tents around the field with reenactors talking and selling goods, several talks and displays. Overall, it was a great event – if nothing else perhaps I wished I could have got involved a bit more! In any case, we took some pictures, so I’ll let the images speak for themselves:

Victorian fishermen
Roman tent with the injured…the dummies were very lively showing broken bones popping out of the flesh, trepanations…And the man in the tent told us everything about his tools and unguents!
This Celtic family told us what they ate and cooked, which mostly consisted on many different types of bread depending on the cereals they used, which they combined with berries, honey and nuts.
British militia reading their guns
Coolest steam engine – it was actually working and pumping steam out, you could see all the gears in action.
A Victorian bare knuckle fight – this is the northern Irish champion, who was an absolute cheat!
Viking army preparing for battle
Guthrum and Alfred “have a word” before the fight…Alfred got a bit confused and thought he was fighting Spain… :’)
Ready the troops, for this Saxon has insulted us!
And there they go, clash of shield walls at the battle of Edington…However in the non-historically accurate rematch the Vikings won…Just saying!

And finally I shall leave you with the pictures from the airshow – bonus points to whoever can identity all of them!






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