From W.U Hstry want to say a very special Thank You! To all of our fans, followers on Twitter and Facebook, and blogger friends that support us and make this worth while!


Also we wanted to thank some of the people who kindly have done some updates for us, such as Kevin Lewis, Stephen Etheridge or Gordon McKelvie. In addition we thank, all of the people who have agreed to have an interview or a quick chat with us so far: Bex Lewis, Ryan Lavelle, David Rymill, Barbara Yorke, Alf Ragnar Nielssen, Siân Hewlett, Eric Lacey, Tom Olding, Julian Humphrys, Peter Konieczny and Sandra Alvarez, Chris Aldous, Elena Woodacre, Emiliano Perra, Mark allen, Michael Hicks, and Simon Sandall.


And finally, I would like to say thanks to Karl, Scott, Alex, Ali, Sam, Tom, Katy, Jess, Matt, Ellie and James for being an excellent team keeping this thing running! (And to those who used to be part of us, thanks for getting us started!).


So, in general, a big, huge and honest THANK YOU!




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