2012: The Year in Which the World Did Not Come to an End…

I believe one of the very first updates of this year was about the Mayans, that wonderful civilization that according to the popular culture paranoia predicted the end of the world in 2012. However, if you are reading this is only because those believes were wrong. So, it makes one wonder, what has been the deal with 2012? Was it all about that prediction? Did people only focus on that? Well, let’s take a look.

Thanks to the Google device known as Zeitgeist, we can tell you the world top search trends related with events that happened this year. I think the words on their own summarise quire well what has been going on, and what has captured the attention of many citizens: the death of Whitney Houston, Hurricane Sandy and Typhoon Bopha, Ipad 3, Diablo 3 (which was a total disappointment for most of the geek-gaming culture…just saying…), Kate Middleton, the Presidential debate and US elections, the phenomenon of Gangnam Style (yes, another example of globalisation, Korean music rocking the European and American market, isn’t that exciting?), and finally the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee. Some other issues have been making a big impression on a global or more national level. I do not think anyone has forgotten yet about George Osborne taxation of pasties (…there goes student budget…Again!!…), or the debate around the EU wining the Peace Nobel Prize.

Bad news travel fast, and so we have heard all about the Greek crisis, and the ongoing problems between Israel and Palestine, the several coup d’etat (Mali, Bissau…), the India Blockouts, etc. Nonetheless, as many of you might now already, here in W.U Hstry we do not like to keep in mind those bitter ends. As historians we appreciate the gravity of such matters, but it would not be fair to only think about the “Bad Stuff”. Thankfully, the human race is still capable of doing good things, that most time we forget. Let me give you an example. Have you heard about the wonderful scientific advances we had this year? We have discovered a world with four suns, performed further investigations into DNA studies, and successfully done a  twenty-four electrode bionic eye implantation! It is true that some other sad news have shacken the world of science this year. Unfortunately, the last specimen of the Pinta Island Tortoise, known as Lonesome George died, and with him his whole subrace. Bur perhaps knowing these issues are making us more natural-environmental conscious. This whole Cataclysm theory about the end of the world should not pass without reminding us that maybe our fears had a logical basis. For this reason, I wish that the extension to complete the Kyoto Protocol (2020) will work this time.

U.K: the Nation that Rocked 2012

In case you haven’t noticed the U.K has been a cause for news several times this year. Just for that reason, I am going to dedicate the following lines to remark important events in British History (for good or bad). I know we do mention a fair bit of British/English history in here, but that is because there is SO MUCH HISTORY in the U.K. And sometimes, in eras of uncertainty, it is nice to remember those moments. It is not about nationalism, do not mistake my words, rather it is about the collective memory, why these things are important? Why do we remember them? Well, because they had an impact that shaped the British society of the time, and perhaps has a repercussion in current times. So here it is:

-10 years ago the charity Cancer Research UK was founded. On top of that, the Mary Rose was rescued from the sea 30 years ago. Also, it is the 70th anniversary of the premiere of Cassablanca, and curiously enough, the 75th of The Hobbit’s publication! (Tolkien fans, 2012 IS a Great Year!). Finally, it is interesting to know that 80 years ago the BBC Empire Service started broadcasting, and that 2012 is the 90th anniversary of the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

-Moving into the hundreds anniversaries, a variety of important historical events took place in this time frame. It has been a 100 years since the introduction of U.K miners minimum wage, but about the same time period since the sinking of the Titanic and the tragic outcome of Robert Falcon Scott and his team at the South Pole. But on a lighter note, it was 150 years ago when both the U.K and the U.S agreed to suppress slave trade. Also, it was 200 year ago when the Luddites attacked a wool production factory in Yorkshire. Finally, 2012 would have been the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens.

What Does the Rest of the World Have to Commemorate?

…Probably too many things to be listed in here. However, here is a selection of those facts that have caught my attention.

-It has been 200 years since the Peace of Bucharest, that ended the conflict between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. 1812 was also a very important year for the Spanish as they produced their new constitution (since then symbol of freedom and liberalism) in Cadiz, during the French occupation.

-500 year ago Martin Luther became doctor in theology and joined the theological faculty of Wittemberg. (What came after that you all know). It was as well the first time the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was opened to the public, and the year in which Amerigo Vespucci died.

-It is the 1000th anniversary of Mael Morda rebellion against Brian Boru, and the birth of the Tibetan translator of holy scriptures, Marpa Lotsawa.

-In the year 12 A.D Augustus ordered the invasion of the germanic lands trespassing the Rhine, and a very peculiar figure was born: Caligula. On a final note, I thought it was interesting, considering this whole Mayan prophecy, that in 12 B.C the comet Halley made an appearance…

These are some facts about 2012. For sure there are many more. We hope you will keep in mind the good ones tonight around 23:59 pm and enter the New Year with a smile on you face. We certainly will do. 2012 has been a very interesting year for us (Second birthday and all!), we can only hope you had as much fun as we did, and much more for 2013!


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