12/12/2012, what a wonderful day to celebrate!

Today in W.U Hstry we are all very excited! The reason behind it is that two years ago, a group of enthusiasts, history students from the University of Winchester decided to start this blog you are reading right now as an extra curricular activity. History for the sake of history. History because we love it. History “because it’s there” as George Mallory said about climbing up mount Everest.

So from here, we all wish to THANK YOU! THANK YOU W.U HSTRY FANS! Thank you wonderful people that have seen us grow, that have read our posts, that have commented and share experiences.

Thanks to all the people that have helped us through and give us their support: teachers, fellow historians, members of the public, friends and families. This wouldn’t have been worth it, if it wasn’t because of you!

We hope you have enjoyed our blog so far and that you will carry on following our updates, which will be many more to come!

Kind Regards from everyone!


W.U.Hstry Team



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