QUIZ ANSWERS! And the Winner Is…

Ok everyone; it is time to know the answers for our Olympics, Sports & History Quiz!! Also, we will announce who is the winner so this person can actually dare us to write about a certain topic, whatever they choose!

            PART 1

  1. The First Ancient Olympic Games did take place in Olympia, 776 BC.
  2. The First Female Athlete to become and Olympic Champion was Cynisca of Sparta, who was a princess to said Greek city-state, and she obtained a bronze statue in the chariot race competition.
  3. The Founder of the International Olympic Committee was the Baron Pierre de Coubertin.
  4. In the 20th century there have been 3 Olympic Games cancelled due to bellicose conflicts: in 1916, 1940 and 1944, (the impact of WW1 and WW2).
  5. The First Proper Olympic Games that took place in Modern Times were those of 1896, in Athens and were known by the name of the Games of the I Olympiad.
  6. And for those who did not know, London has been an Olympic city 2 more times: in 1908 and in 1948 (should have been before that but those were one of the games cancelled during WW2).


  1. Apart from the French, it was the Inuits from Greenland the ones who started the handball mania!
  2. It was Diego de Valera, a Spanish writer and historian from the 15th Century the one that wrote down the rules for modern fencing.
  3. For this question, you should blame King Edward III for banning hockey. And just as a curiosity it does seem that James II of Scotland did try and ban hockey too, but English monarch was already a pioneer in such modality.
  4. The three cultures that were dexterous in pole vaulting were (Surprise, surprise): The Greeks, the Cretans and the Celts!
  5. That beautiful sport that is Synchro Swimming had its first recorded competition at Berlin in 1891.
  6. I know all those 3 names sounded really daffy in a way or another, but believe it or not, the original name of Volleyball was Mintonette indeed!
  7. The tough exercise that the Norwegian soldiers had to fulfil as an alternative to their military training was Biathlon. It appears that, in fact, one of the first ski clubs to be created in Norway around 1860 was the Trysil Rifle and Ski Club, which tried to promote the defense of the country at a local level.
  8. For those who did not know, the national sport of Korea by excellence is Taekondo, not Judo or Aikido. It is their specialty, their number 1 sport.
  9. Now, I am quite fond of Rhythmic Gymnastics as I practiced it for a long time, and it is a competition a never miss. Though, I have to admit that perhaps the question was a bit cheeky, but just so you know the first gymnast to win the gold in an Olympic Game was a Chinese-Canadian woman called Lori Fung. She obtained her medal in the games of L.A, 1984. Since then, it seems that the eastern European countries have the monopoly of this sport.
  10. And finally, the revival of Archery as a practice and sport took place in the 18th Century.


These are the answers to our questions. I hope you found it entertaining as well as informative.

And, before you leave, it is time to announce the winner. I said the Quiz Champion would be whoever had the highest number of right answers. Well, this is the ranking:

-Contestant alias “Carlos”-11

-Contestant alias “Martin”-6

-Contestant alias “Paula.Ct”-4

-Contestant alias “Eyre”-3

-Contestant alias “Chuspi”-2


WELL OUR TEST HAS BEEN PROVED TO BE HARD! I’m glad partially. Anyways, thanks to everyone who took the test, well done, and congratulations “Carlos”, you are up for the challenge!


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