12th of March

As some of our readers might know, tomorrow is a very important day for us, and for every history student coursing their third year at the university of Winchester. 12th of March, the day the Student Union promoted as “D-Day” is the day our dissertations are handed in. Well, for sure this event is not as relevant in as D-Da, but I guess to some people it does mean a lot.

This project that some of us, like me, have been working on since march 2011, is most likely one of the biggest and most important pieces of work ever produce. For a historian, it is almost like working in an article for a magazine, or writing a book about something that you actually care about and not the essays your tutors make you write for the sake of the degree and your education. And so, tomorrow we are getting rid of such a thing…maybe for good, maybe for bad.

As it happens, during my FYP (final year project) madness I was thinking, “hum, this day seems like such a landmark…I do wonder if anything interesting ever happened in this day”. It is kind of a silly question i have to admit…There is always something interesting happening at some point in history, always. Due to this reason, I dedicate this blog update to relevant historical events that took place just a day like tomorrow, but some years or even centuries ago.

Did you know that the 12th of march of 1930 Ghandi started his long march to protest about British salt taxation? Also, in 1550, the battle of Penco (Chile) which led to the surrender of the Mapuche to the Spaniards. That same day but in 1664 New Jersey became a British colony. In addition the wonderful artist Andre Le Notre was born in 1613. Nonetheless, the same date would have seen the deaths of Pope Gregory I (604) and the Spanish author, Tirso de Molina (1648).

Moving into more modern times, in 1881 Andrew Watson, who was a football for Scotland, performed his debut as the first international black football player and captain. In addition, in 1940 during the time commonly defined as the Winter War, the Finnish signed their peace treaty with the Soviet Union. 54 years later the Church of England appointed the first female priest of its history. Finally, the 12th of march is also the National festivity of Mauritius.

I will quickly let you go now with your thoughts about this day, not without mentioning that apparently tomorrow is also the world day against cyber-censorship, something that I am sure will give a lot to talk about to future historians.

In  addition, I would like you all who read this post to pay some tribute to those affected by the horrible nuclear accident in Japan, as it would be its first anniversary(? why do we create anniversaries for such horrendous happenings?) tomorrow. I wish that this new 12th of march will bring better news than the latest one.

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