So much for 2011!!

2011, what a year! so many things have happened this year that attempt to talk about all of them would be just impossible. Therefore I will just point out some of the higlights of this hectic year that is leaving us in few ours (more of less depending that where you are…).

Did you know 2011 had been proclaimed the international year of the forests? or that it was the year dedicated to alzheimer in some places like Spain? Perhaps you did know 2011 has been now officially recognise as the century aniversary for the site of Machu Pichu. Also, it seems as well that it has been one of the hottests years known in the history of the Earth. also you might want to know that according to The Economist, some of the worries or news that have kept people’s attention this year have been thing like the Euro Zone and it’s issues, the dimission of Berlusconi, the death of Bin Laden, and unfortunately the economy and crisis. 2011 has also been the year of Ipad 2 a real innovation in the area of technology which one hopes would only lead to better improvements.
This year has also been witness of some unfortunate events. We all schocked with the news from Japan and the nuclear crisis produced by the impact of the tzunami and earthquake. The bad news carried on with the horrible attack in Oslo, by Anders Behring which ended up killing around 76 people…I only can have my best thoughts with all the people that had to suffer this…as it happens I do have close friends who are both japanese and norwegian…
Scandals have been not uncommon. The Murdochs in London for example…Also rebellions elsewhere, like in Egypt and Libia, and protests in other places of the world…One cannot think but help that history repeats itself as it so happened 2011 is the anniversary of the Peasant’s Revolt of 1381…Some people have also leave us forever…some might have felt the loose of Steve Jobs, great icon in the world of computers…Some, or at least that’s what the news tried to make us believe, seems to moarn the lost of Kim Yong-il…Only time will say what will be of their heritage…And perhaps will be better not to tempt destiny with guesses…

2011 has also been a year of certain tension for historians, or at least some historians, as the so called Codex Calixtinus from the 12th century was stolen from Santiago de Compostela…

2011 has also been anniversary for many noticeable events in history, some of which I am proceeding to share with you. Starting in the B.C time, 2011 had to say thank you for the accueduct, as it was first introduced in 691 bc by the assyrian king Sennacherib. 621 bc saw the famous Draco write the first law-code for Athens, which later on made him earn certain reputation (aka draconian laws…good or bad reputation…who knows). In addition, 551 bc gave us one of the most important figures in the world’s philosophy which is Confucio.
Moving on to the actual historical time…and especially for those who have some interest in history, 2011 is celebration for the following events. 911- the foundation of Normandy (I had the pleasure of enjoy holiday times in the area during the summer…which was a delight and I highly recomend you to visit these region in the north of France!), also by 1001 the vikings started to settle in Vinland, after their own discovery of the new world, led by Leif Eirikson. Moving on, for those interested in literature and especially in poetry, 450 ago Luis de Gongora, one fo the best spanish poets ever, was born.

Now we shall put this tape on forward for a while and take a look at some of the events that took place in 1911. For those interested in the classical music, the great compositor Mahler unfotunately died then, leaving us though with amazing pieces of music. Good year for chemistry, as Marie Curie was awarded with a ‘Nobel’ for her useful work. Nonetheless, 2 sad events took place on that year as well; the Titanic was launched in 1911…and so took place the conquest of the South pole, victory for the Norwegians, but a tragic story for the British Robert Scott and his team…(rest in peace our brave men). 75 years ago took place the military strike in Spain against the 2nd republic that led my home-land into the Civil War…50 years ago the Berlin Wall went up, and Princess Dianna was born. Also the first man was sent succesfully to outterspace: Yuri Gagarin.Unfortunately, 2011 is also the aniversary for 2 disastrous recent events which are the nuclear accident in Chernobyl and the recent catastrophe, 9/11, terrorist attack against the twin towers…

With all this, it seems that 2011 hasn’t been a wonderful year for those who had to live it or for those that had to be remembered…But that’s not so true…Yes, it is easy to see the bad stuff, but there is always something good. This year has been happiness in the world of medicine. More and more advances have been done; cure for malaria, and a step closer for the cure of AIDS, as well as amazing transplant work all over the globe (liver, legs…). Also i would like to point out a heart-warming story that I recently heard on the news. Apparently a girl that was lost, and thought been dead, during the tzunami of 2004 came back to her family this year.

(if you want to know more of the story: )

I guess that it is up to everyone of you to determine if 2011 was a good year or not. Whatever it is my wish is that 2012 would be a good year for everyone. If you have a kind wish, a nice memory, an inspiring new year resolution, please do hold to it as you enter this new year and challenge.

And if you wish to share such thing with us, feel free to leave us a comment here, a tweet or an email 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone, and thank you for being with us so far!

And I shall leave you with an original compilation of the events of this year made out of LEGO, by the Guardian:


See you with more soon!



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