A Word, or a Name?

-‘I am Quisling’ -‘And what is the name?’

It is not that often that a single person manage to creat a word based on his or her name, and in the modern period it have been even rarer than in earlier ages, therefore will this post be about the man and traitor whose name became synonym with collaboration and national reason during and after the second world war.

On the 18th of July 1887 was a boy born with the name Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling, who would rise to the highest powers and fall from grace and end his life on the 24th of October 1945, for the crimes he committed against his King and Country.

So what was it this man whose name according to http://www.thefreedictionary.com means; A traitor who serves as the puppet of the enemy occupying his or her country, did? Well Vidkun Quisling started his career in a very respectable way in the Norwegian army, and helped in Nansen’s project during the famine in Ukraine and Russia after the Russian civil war, he lived further some years in Paris and Moscow with his wife Maria until he returned to Norway in 1929 which started his political career. Quisling published his first book in Norway about race politics; “Russia and Us”(title translated from Norwegian) in 1930, and was a part of his first appressed to the public, aided by Fredrik Prytz, who was one of the leading men in Norway at the time, they had together developed a vision for the future where the traditional politics of Scandinavia and Norway would be shifted drastically to the right. In his article of 24th of May 1930, Quisling outlined his political views which called for financial reforms, a clear race political legislation in Norway and a harder line against Marxism.

During the 1930s Quisling developed his political views and it soon became clear that he had clear fascistic opinions. In 1933 did he become the leader of Nasjonal Samling, NS, which was the Norwegian fascist party, a party which stood very close to Nazi Germany in many ways, even though the party worked hard, did it never achieve a seat in parliament, but for Quisling was this not important for he was preparing for the War he knew would have to come, a war he imagined would be between the far right in the west and the far left in the east. And the war came, as we all know, in 1939 did Nazi Germany attack Poland, which threw Europe into a new catastrophic war, but this time did not Norway manage to say outside. For on the 9th of April 1940 did German troop attack Norway from many fronts, in an attempt to take the capital and the most important cities before the country could manage to resist. However, chance would it that the German ship that were destined for Oslo was sunken in the early hours on the 9th, and this gave the king, the royal family, the government and the parliament enough time to get away. This day was the beginning of Quisling’s crimes…
While the legally elected government of Norway was running for its life, and attempting to stop the German invasion, Quisling walked into the Norwegian national broadcasting center in Oslo and declared that he had taken over the power in Norway, and that the Germans was his and the nations allies. Quisling declared also a new government and was the political leader of occupied Norway through his first government (9th- 15th of april 1940); commissar Josef Terboven’s national council, leaded by Quisling (25th of September 1940- 1st of February 1942) and finally the second Quisling government(1st of February 1942- 8th of May 1945). During this time Quisling functioned as prime minister and political leader of what developed into a police stat, and he have been seen as responsible for among other things the deportation of the Norwegian jews, prosecution of political opposition, etc. However, Quisling did in the early months of 1945 see which way the war was going and took contact with the home front in Norway, for secure a safe and peaceful surrender when the German occupants surrendered. He remained in power until he surrendered himself to the police on the 9th of May 1945 in Oslo, he was trailed for treason in October 1945, and sentenced to death as earlier mentioned.
The first reference to the name Quisling as a word can be found in The Times on the 19th of april 1940, and through british newspapers and BBC, it spread throughout the world and became the word for treason collaboration we know today.

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