‘”we’re baaaaaaaaaack!”:)

She says excitedly which I know is a little surreal when you think of coming back to uni, or back to work after a lovely few months relaxing, then it’s September again, and the work, and the receptivity of life is already back again. However the term to come back doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing, although life goes on in the same manner, comebacks can usually mean a new beginning for those involved in it so instead of seeing September as the month of returning to work for all us students and those who work in the same time we do perhaps we should see come backs as part of a new more successful beginning for us as we travel through this journey called life.

Historically comebacks can be argued as happening all the time, just think about all the monarch’s that have been deposed and came back again, and if you believe in the theory that history is circular, in that the same things happen over and over again and only what we call the event‘s changes . Then history is the ultimate comeback kid. For example this last Sunday it was the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the whole tragic event which can be suggested as having been to some extent put on the back burner for a while has and did come back in to the foreground, quite rightly so. Therefore anniversaries of events themselves can also be considered as part of the history’s comeback as they catapult memories, thoughts and feelings on to us that we probably forget about for the rest of the year. For example unless your studying World War II, your family tree or even World War I how often do you actually think about the relatives who served in the various conflicts, except on 11/11 remembrance day (for the UK ) or any other day of remembrance.

Therefore history is all about coming back.

So when thinking about what to write about for this post I began with thinking about how many things have come back within the10 years since 9/11 which there were a few so then I decided to expand the time and see how many things/ trends /events that have come back in the last 50 years or so, leading to this slightly abstract, slightly unusual but hopefully, ultimately an interesting blog on the comebacks of the last 50 years.
Fashion, for you dedicated followers of it is a great participator in the world historical come backs, for example those of you who experienced the ‘interesting’ fashions of the 1980’s must have been surprised, that even after history’s condemnation of the shoulder pads and the leg warmers and the vibrant colours, they still came back a few years ago, (I should know I have a dress with shoulder pads, and I remember seeing leg warmers everywhere, if not always in those vivid colours) like the current trend for the 1960’s fashion and hairstyles, demonstrated by the late Amy Winehouse and last year’s 1970’s trend and the most recent trend for the ‘dress silhouettes of the late ’50s / early ’60s swing their way back onto the scene’ as a fashion trend for this year.

Music is also another area of great historical comebacks and no I don’t simply mean the more recent triumphant come back of Take That. (Although it has to be said that their comeback is pretty amazing) Ok I know, I can hear you all going has she lost the plot, this is a history blog and she writing about the comeback of take that, but hear me out. Whilst music is continuingly, fluctuating media, which is anything if not full of variety, (one just has to think of Lady Gaga) yet it is still full of trends that come and go. For instance on my local news this summer, (BBC South East if you’re interested) they reported about the comeback of folk music to the local festivals, and i1f we expand this, look up the pierces on you tube they can be suggested as having a folky sound to their work, thus showing how even musical trends can come back as folk is usually associated with the late1960’s and early 1970’s. Here’s a bit of speculation for you readers punk last existed in the 1980’s with the recession and the politics influencing their music and lyrics, were in a recession at the minute or so the newspapers tell me… so will we see a punk comeback , who knows but with comebacks as with life, anything is possible.

Ok, so we have had music and fashion what else comes back, well governments come back to, I know this can be considered as a weak connection as although we have many political parties in the U.K. it can be considered as a two party race, so after years in opposition the conservative party has once again come back, with the liberal democrats. Regardless of what you think of the parties you cannot deny that this is a comeback and although politics and situations undoubtedly change, they’ve still come back and this is the essential point of this link.

For my final example of comebacks within recent history I shall turn to the royal family and patriotism. Love, hate or tolerate whatever your own personal opinions towards the royal family are you cannot deny that in the more recent years they as a collective have enjoyed a comeback of popularity . With films such as The Queen and The King’s Speech and even one coming out soon about Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII, alongside events such as the royal wedding’s both of Prince William and Kate Middleton (now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), and Zara Phillips to Mike Tindell alongside the upcoming diamond jubilee, has bound to have generated interest once again in them and therefore can be considered as an example of a comeback.

Therefore whilst almost anything in itself can be considered as part of coming back, even if it’s just a memory of something in your own history or a larger trend in history in general, such as my examples it perhaps demonstrates that ‘comebacks’ are a considerable force in the history of the world and at the same time support the theory that history is cyclical. Yet I think that a major element of comebacks is the memory of the events that lead a resurgence of nostalgia which helps to cement the success of the comeback’s in question. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this post and whilst reading it thought of comebacks of your own, which please feel free to comment with and so I shall conclude with the words of Celine Dion …

‘It’s all coming back to me now.’ 😛

by Sophie


5 thoughts on “Comebacks

  1. as an example of fashion coming back just saw in a copy of the instyle magazine modern takes on fashions from the 1920’s; 1930’s 1940’s;1950’s;1960’s; 1970’s;1980’s;1990’s. My personal favourite was the 1940’s might try dressing like that in future. 🙂


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