The Eternal Come Back of History

Now, we love come backs, don’t we? That old hero of sport who, when no one thought about it returns and defeats the youngster heir; that love story that sparkles again when the embers seemed cold; The empire strikes back…
Then we have this famous Francis Fukuyama’s theory about “the end of History”. But, at the same time, we have been told thousands of times that “history repeats itself”. So, please, someone tell us: Where is the truth?
Well, here we think that come backs are in fact a substantial part of History. Even more, that History is made of every sort of come backs of every possible kind : some are short and unworthy, others form series or cadences that conform entire periods in History. So, we are sorry Mr. Fukuyama, but it is our believe that History not only have not reach an end, but, moreover, there are a lot of come backs keeping it going forward. Nothing personal, sir, just a different point of view.
This next month we will be busy trying to show you, dear readers, some comebacks in History. Comebacks of politicians, based in honesty…no, no, I am talking seriously. Others reflecting the swinging rhythm of artistic moods, those revivals of musical or literary or architectural styles perpetually changing; territories, and their people, going back and forth in the aftermath of political conflict or even war…or perhaps the eternal struggle of every kind of –ism to come back and gain its final victory. Even now, amidst this seemingly never-ending crisis we could talk about the come back of XIX Century capitalism…but maybe that would be going a pound too far.
In any case, be sure that, in a few days, we will come back with more stories about comebacks. So please, do come back yourselves to our humble page, and share with us all this comings and goings.


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