Some Kind of Hero…

We all think we know what is a hero. Or, at least, we all think we know. And of course we have our own particular heroes albeit it usually happens that, except for those within the family or something of the kind, most of our own private heroes happen to be someone elses’ heroes too.

Heroism is somewhat way far familiar to us as it may well be, given the consideration that heroic deeds are (or were) supposed to be quite extraordinary affaires, uncommon, even uncanny moments in time. But it seems we are very prone to grant lion-hearted qualities to almost everyone who struck us with his acts.

Beyond that realm of popular heroism, there always have existed the real heroes. Larger than life, or at least, larger than themselves figures who were the greatest, or very close, in war, science, sports, politics, diplomacy, medicine…sometimes they were just there in the right time, sometimes heroism was there at the very beginning of their lives, waiting, or that it seems when you listen to stories about Lincoln and the famous log cabin in the wilderness, for example. Anyway, there they are, History’s heroes…

But, wait a minute. Whatever happened to those who were not achieving the Academy Award in a leading role?  Those proud supporters, adjutants, ministers, wives, or just those figures that, for any reason, were relegated to anonymity or to live the obscure afterlife of the not-so-well-known, gaining recognition from awkward scholars or the very minute. With luck, some of them could apply for a book, or an article. Some happy few would reach the sky in a film or documentary. History is not known for its very generosity, is it?

So that is where we are now. We would like to know them. And we would like to think about their lives and see why they did not make it to stardom, maybe just ask ourselves whether they deserve the heroic status. For that mission, we have selected a few figures we consider not that well-known, and we would like to introduce them to our readers that have not met them yet, or refresh the memories of those familiar. In April we will discuss what makes a general a leader of men or not such, why reasoning and pacifism tend to lose important battles although falling always with dignity, why there are great explorers still unknown to the public in general and why some others, not really exploring, got massive appraisal. It could well be that, just because, we could explore some secondary villains whose evil deeds are not appreciate enough. Because, what is a hero without a villain to subdue?

Stay tuned. There is a lot of action still to come.


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