9th January – This Day in History

Today I am presenting you this brief summary of historical events that happened exactly a day like today years, and even centuries ago. This is  not aiming to be the best compilation ever. We just want this post to show you that history happens all the time, no matter what day or what hour. And, also, because many people eventually asked themselves ‘Hum…Do you know if today is an important day? Or just an interesting one? Do you know what happened today when I did not even exist?’…So here you have my selection of significant or curious events that happened the 9th of January.

The first event of the list, took place long time ago in the 14th century, just some years after the terrible Black Death seized the world. 700 Jews were burned in Bassel the 9th of January, 1349, as direct consequence of the need to understand the origin of the plague, and the need of ‘someone to blame’. In 1431, the trials and investigations against Joan D’Arc began in Rouen (France). During the Age of Discoveries, we have the case of the sight of manatees by C.Colombus [1].

Moving into the early modern period, more horrible statistics and death numbers. Between 1000 and 2000 people were killed in Novgorod by Ivan the Terrible, (1570). Something many people would not know is that this day, in 1768, what it could be considered as the first modern circus was established in London, by Philip Astley [2]. In addition, this same day, in 1873, Napoleon III died…(we could never be sure of how many people will consider this good or bad news, or even relevant, but it is a fact, so…).

More recent events: 9/1/1913; Richard Nixon was born (if he could only have known about Watergate then…). 9/1/1958; first appearance of Toyota and Datsun in the world of car shows, at L.A. 9/1/1972; miners strike in the UK.

Just to finish with, I would like to point out that today in 2007, Apple started their revolution in the world of technology and communication with the introduction of the Iphone. (Yes, believe it or not, it was only 4 years ago! I know, I did thought it was long time ago)[3]

Now, you know that just a day like today something happened, maybe even something that changed your way of life, such as the Iphone. And do not you feel a bit smarter? Or maybe (hopefully) bewildered by how just history happens? Whatever it is, I hope you enjoyed this post and think about your every-day life in a bigger, philosophical and interesting context.


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  2. History Orb: http: //www.historyorb.com/today/
  3. The People History: http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/january9th.html

One thought on “9th January – This Day in History

  1. It’s quite amazing to think that every day is an anniversary of at least one huge event, even if you don’t know about it. It’s always interesting to look at what things happened on your birthday, though, inevitably, it’s often bad things.


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